The Shack at NN8L

UPDATE!! Up went the tower.

Sometime around January 4, 2014 the strong winds of winter brought my tower down and laid it to rest on the roof of our home. I ordered a new 40' tower, 3 element SteppIR Yagi with the 30/40m rotatable dipole. I also ordered a Yaesu G-800 DXA rotator, Kenwood TS590S with the Kenwood MC-90 desk mic and SP-23 speaker, and a Palstar PM2000A wattmeter. The shack will be pretty much new except for the Heathkit SB220 amplifier and the Yaesu FT-2800M 2m radio. During the wait, I also ordered a Baofeng UV-5RA 2m/70cm handheld. Replacing the old Ringo Ranger that took quite a beating when the tower fell down will be a Cushcraft A270-10S, five element beam for the 2m and 70cm bands. The Kenwood TS590S and SteppIR antenna both operate on 6m, so this will be a new experience for me. I'm not sure what I will do on 80m as I have a small lot, but I will be putting some wire up to cover this band. The Hazer by Glen Martin Engineering will be going up again eleviating any climbing to repair or add additional antennas to the tower.

If you've looked around my web site at all you've already noticed that my main interests lie in DX chasing and county hunting. For various reasons DXing and radio in general have been in a holding pattern for the last few years. Once I am back on the air I will continue DXing, county hunting, and enjoying some of the digital modes.

Be sure to search my log to see if we have worked.

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